A 999 piece custom crystals collection is joining the NFT space on Opensea.

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Founder | Art


Greetings, my name is Johannes and I am a 3D-Generalist from Germany who has a deep love for Blender. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with a variety of brands and businesses in creating short films, explainer videos, game-related 3D models, and concept art. It all started with my passion for Donald Duck comics, but it was through experiences with computer games like Guild Wars and films such as "The Incredibles" that I discovered my true calling in the creative arts.




Greetings, I'm Emil, better known as BATTLECRIES in the web3 community. My passions lie in gaming, movies, and TV shows, and I bring immense enthusiasm to everything I pursue. As a Co-Founder at Metaland Wolfpack, I work alongside Johannes to develop strategies and handle various responsibilities. With my extensive skill set and ability to think innovatively, I aim to forge a long-lasting career in the web3 space, fueled by my excitement for this dynamic field and the potential I have to make unique contributions.




I'm Chax, a creative problem solver, builder, and dreamer. I've been in love with technology my entire life, and my journey has led me to work on Metaland Wolfpack, A Kid Called Beast, Pluto and many other amazing projects. As this space constantly grows, I believe it is important for me to evolve with it. I'm fascinated by how things work, and it fuels me to keep learning more about Coding, 3D , AI, and all aspects of animation as I strive to bring my visions and the visions of my collaborators to life.


Collab Manager


I'm RouGe an accomplished Web 3.0 marketer and community architect. My role at Metaland Wolfpack involved crafting partnerships and fostering vibrant communities. As we step into the realm of digital evolution, I infuse sophistication and innovation, painting a canvas of interconnected elegance. Join me in shaping the future where every connection tells a story of ingenuity and refinement.


Event Manager


Hi, I'm Sami Rafiq, a community manager at Metaland Wolfpack with 2 years of experience in Web3. I'm passionate about building and maintaining online communities where people can connect, learn, and grow. I'm also skilled at using social media, content marketing, and event planning to engage and excite community.




Hello, I'm Hiabst!Passionate about building communities and connections within and beyond Web3. I have been growing and building communities for the last year in Web3, but I have been building them for way longer in gaming.

Currently, I serve in the military on fire duty, giving me a lot of time to engage and interact with all you wonderful individuals.

I'm really excited to meet all of you on Discord and X(Twitter).




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